Securing your workplace

Are you a small office requiring only two doors to be secured, or are you a large manufacturing facility needing a complex system to secure your workplace? We can take care of both. Blue Ridge Security Solutions offers a fully customizable, enterprise-class Access & Control Management system.

Hosted Access Control Service

Powerful Access Control without the software headache. By leveraging the power of encrypted Internet communications, we can assist you and easily manage access to all of your facilities. Blue Ridge Security offers an access control solution using Internet ready panels. This allows Blue Ridge Security the ability to connect all of your facilities into a single, unified system. Our Hosted Access Control solution is entirely web based, eliminating the need of maintaining an on site server, client software, and licensing.

Managed Access Control Service

Blue Ridge Security can provide a complete managed access control service for our customers. Blue Ridge Security will administer all programming, cardholder database management, and reporting services. This is ideal for our clients that do not have the time, resources, or desire to manage their own access control system.

Detailed Reports

Have access to detailed information about comings and goings in your facilities and at what times in addition to up-to-date emails

Access Control

Fully customizable security badges that allow seamless access for employees and other authorized individuals

Professional Installation

No more replacing and rekeying locks. Computerized locks can be changed quickly with little interference in business operations

Easy Integration

Easily integrated into other systems such as video surveillance to create a comprehensive security solution