Leave no holes in your security

What is the most common weakness in a security system? The phone line. Most of the time the only line of communication between your system and the monitoring station is a single, severable phone line. Blue Ridge Security Solutions saw this problem and created a solution called BlueLink24.

The most reliable communication method available

Introducing BlueLink24

Do you know what the weakest link in any security system is? It’s the standard phone line. Without that link, communication is lost between your business or home and the monitoring center. BlueLink24 provides communication through a number of options including radio, cellular, and ip/network. Our wireless mesh radio alarm communication system is unique to Blue Ridge and sends out a signal that is received by our monitoring station within five seconds or less. This exclusive smart-routing technology essentially acts as an electronic net. It provides many paths for your alarm signal to travel, ensuring that it gets through every time.

Cutting Edge Technology

The link between your system and our local monitoring station is the single most important part of a system. BlueLink24 is the most cutting edge communication network that will not fail when an alarm triggers

Completely Wireless system

Completely wireless means that there is no physical hardware that can be interfered with to shut it down. As a testament to its reliability, it is the only wireless system approved for use in commercial fire alarm systems.

Digital communication

Perfect for customers who are on the cutting edge of technology looking to eliminate traditional wired phones in favor of cellular and digital communication.

Reliable connection

All conditions reliability. BlueLink24’s radio signal is completely unaffected by weather and natural disasters. If something is wrong we will know about it.