Top of the line systems need top of the line control

Touchscreen Keypad Solutions

Tie your security system together using one of our sleek, intuitive touchscreen keypad. The easy to use interface is so user friendly, even kids can do it. The keypad offers:

  • 1/2 inch slim profile in glossy black or white finish
  • Big, bright, 5-inch full-color display
  • Interactive shield provides one button arming
  • Intuitive icons guide you through system functions
  • Carousel menu provides scrollable feature list with Panic at the top
  • Animated icons for weather
  • Proximity reader at the top of the keypad can be used with key cards or proximity keys to give you no-touch, no-code arming & disarming
  • Unique tones provide audible alerts of different conditions and functions
  • Change the brightness of the screen as well as the tone and volume of the audible alerts